1. Company data

In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Trading, please find below the company’s identifying data.

TRADING NAME: Cepillos la Ibérica, S.A.
COMPANY NAME: Cepillos la Ibérica, S.A.
C.I.F.: A-32.005.811
REGISTERED OFFICE: Rua do Telleiro, nº 15, Ponte Noalla – 32901 San Cibrao das Viñas, Ourense.
PHONE: 988 223 050

CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. ( is a Limited Company constituted in Ourense.
Ourense Companies Register, Sheet 244, Folio 184, Registration 1ª, Page OR-2783

2. Intellectual property

The source code, graphic designs, images, photographs, sound, animations, software, texts, as well as all information and content given at the address are protected by Spanish legislation on the rights of intellectual and industrial property in favour of CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A.y no se permite la reproducción y/o publicación, total o parcial, del sitio web, ni su tratamiento informático, su distribución, su difusión, ni su modificación, transformación o descompilación, ni demás derechos reconocidos legalmente a su titular, sin el permiso previo y por escrito de CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A.

Users visiting the web page may only and exclusively use the material which appears on this web site for individual and private purposes, and its use for commercial purposes or to incur in unlawful activities is prohibited. All rights arising from this intellectual property are expressly reserved by CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A.

CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. will monitor compliance with the above conditions as well as the due use of the contents presented in its web pages, exercising all civil and criminal actions within its power in the event of infringement or breach of these rights by users.

3. Advertising

1.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. sundertakes through this medium not to engage in misleading advertising.
For these purposes, therefore, the following will not be considered misleading advertising: formal or numerical errors which may occur throughout the content of the different sections of the web site of CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A., caused as a result of incomplete or defective maintenance and/or updating of the information contained is these sections. As a result of this section, CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. undertakes to correct these errors as soon as they become aware of them.

2.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. undertakes NOT TO SEND COMMERCIAL COMMUNICATIONS WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce.
For these purposes, no information sent to THE CUSTOMERS of CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. will be considered commercial communication if its purpose is the maintenance of the contractual relationship existing between the customer and CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A., and also the performance of the tasks of information, training and other activities of the service which the customer has contracted with the company.

4. Use of the web page

1.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. is not responsible for the breach of any applicable regulations in which users may incur in their access to the web site and/or in the use of the information contained therein.

2.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. will not be responsible for any damage and detriment caused or any which may occur, of whatever nature, arising from the use of information or materials contained on this web page and any programmes it incorporates. The Links and hypertext from the web site which give users access to benefits and services offered by third parties neither belong to nor are under the control of CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. This entity is therefore not responsible either for information contained in same or for any effects which may arise from this information.

3.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. is not responsible for any unlawful use that third persons may make of any brand names, product names or commercial brands not owned by this entity which appear on the web page Nor is it responsible for the integrity, truthfulness or legality of the content of the links to the web pages which may be accessed from

4.- CEPILLOS LA IBERICA, S.A. is not responsible for any virus which originate from any data transmission infiltrated by third parties (for example, word processing macros, Java applets and Active X programmes), created with the purpose of obtaining negative results for a computer system.

5.- In summary, users are solely responsible for any use made of services, content, links and hypertext included in the web site.

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